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We have always worked for the better with Tübitak MAM analysis and test support, in order to provide you with a more scientific product or our products by formalizing the R&D activities we started in 2012 in the Tübitak technology development zone in 2015. . As of 2020, we have established a new 1200 square meter R&D Center in the Tübitak technology development zone.

Fitcare, 100% Turkish made, has been presented as cosmetic products by combining the researches made for many years, the herbal miracles offered to us by our beautiful country and geography, and the herbal field experiences with the scientific approach and analysis support in the TÜBİTAK Technology Development Zone. In Fitcare's content; Alovera, in addition to various essential oils and special actives, has many herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals that have extremely positive effects on the hair and scalp.


Plants have always met the needs of mankind and have been used to keep the body healthy and strong. There are plants that act separately for each part of the body. Some give shine to the eyes, some give shine to the hair or vitality to the body. Hair is the reputation of the face and reflects the physical health of the person. Just like healthy nutrition, proper care is essential for the health of the hair.

Various vegetable oils and extracts used in Fitcare products purify the hair and scalp deeply, help to maintain the oil balance, revitalize and velvety softness. When used regularly, it helps the hair to grow faster and healthier and new hair formation.

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